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Project Helios

Discovery Set

Discovery Set

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You’re not sure which scent to choose? We got you covered with our new discovery set of 6 tealights. 
Every tealight is made with 23gr of natural soy wax and fragrance oils with no parabens or phthalates. 

2 Starfruit & Aloe

2 Jasmine & Silk

2 Coastal Sunset


If you want some non-toxic tealights to match with our wax melts, you can choose them unscented as well! 


•Please do not burn the candle more than 2 hours.
•Keep the lighting candle within sight all the time.
•Place it on a steady, temperature safe surface away from anything that can catch fire.
•Keep it away from children and pets
•ALWAYS triple check if the candle is still burning before you leave.

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